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Posted by steve

Funeral Music

Yew and GravestonesBlue Jewel Ceilidh Band offer music for funerals.  Steve and his wife, Jo, were asked by friends to play at a relative’s funeral, and it was clear that it really added a lot to the occasion.  The wife of the deceased said, in her thank you card afterwards:

“Dear Steve and Jo.  I would like to thank you so much for your lovely playing and singing when we said our goodbyes to _____. It made the atmosphere wonderfully personal, not easy in a crematorium!”

I (Steve) have been to a number of funerals over the years, at churches, and at crematoriums, and have played at a few, and the above comment really rings true: live music makes a funeral so much more personal than a recording, making it a much more soulful event.

We can play during the ceremony. And we can also play at the wake, if you are having one. We can offer: folk music from Britain or around the world; hymns and other sacred songs; classical music; acoustic pop song covers.

We have an existing repertoire of songs and tunes that you can choose from – click here. You can also use this list to give you some ideas for music.  If we need to arrange and rehearse a particular song or tune that you would like which we don’t know already, there will be an additional charge for that.

If you are looking for live music for a funeral, please get in touch, and we will let you know quickly whether we can organise it for you. e-mail: steve ‘at’ bluejewel.info, or Tel: 01803 782219

rough guide to prices: 1 musician for a funeral near Totnes: £120; 2 musicians for a funeral near Totnes: £240; 3 musicians for a funeral near Totnes: £360. There is small additional charge for venues further away from Totnes, (increasing pro rata with distance, 30p per mile).

If you are looking for funeral directors, we highly recommend Heart & Soul funerals for a funeral that is as personal as the person who has died.



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